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The owner of this site is not a bot, AI or agent of any organisation or government. In the interest of clarity,  any  means any. There are no fingers being pointed here and false assumptions should not be made. This is not a bash Russia site. Fingers could be pointed at several organisations and governments.  It’s purpose is to promote the cause of Scottish independence and will Ally with all who seek the same goal.

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I am not a journalist, narcissist, comedian (other opinions are available) or fame seeker. As someone who has been on the receiving end of successive ill judged UK Government policies for many years, I truly believe that independence is the only way forward for Scotland. To this end, I offer a perspective and comment.

Whilst I understand that there is a great deal of anger and frustration out there, I do not condone personal abuse and threats of violence to individuals whatever their status. At a time when free speech is under threat from all sorts of angles, those who indulge in this sort of criminal behaviour only serve to provide authorities with the excuse to legislate and curb free speech even further. We are all human with human emotions and anxieties and politicians are no exception. There is nothing wrong with robust criticism or naming and shaming but lets keep it adult.

All data created by me and which I choose to make public will be published on this site and/or my Twitter account. If data created by me or attributed  to me and which can not be shown to have been originated by me on either of these two platforms is encountered, then it is reasonable to assume that such data has been obtained covertly from other sources and may be available without my knowledge or consent.

Visitors may copy in part or in whole or refer to or point to material on this site as they please so long as it is not done for illegal purposes and such material is attributed to me.