A Call to the Cause

Two things before I go any further. Firstly, Scotland is not Canada or any other country with failed referenda histories. Yes, there are always lessons to be had from around the world but no two countries are exactly alike and it does not automatically follow that what didn’t work in one will not work in another. Secondly, it should be made clear, if it hasn’t already become so,  that the Scottish independence movement is here to stay. In the event of a second loss, the movement would pick itself up, dust itself off and start all over again. That is how you win independence, by not ever giving up.

Its a bit rich of Pete Wishart and Jim Sillars to take the stance they now take.  All the talk of favourable conditions is understandable but comes from a party which was quite happy to call a referendum in 2014 when support was only around 35%. I wont go into the mistakes that were made or who made them (we all have our opinions) but the SNP must accept that they may not have all the answers. The waiting game might be good for some political careers but there is a great deal of frustration among yes supporters.

We have the UK power grab and attack on devolution, almost daily revelations raising serious questions about the way the British State conducts itself (home and abroad) and the privileged few scheming to stitch Scotland up forever. How much of a “material change in circumstances” (Nicola Sturgeon) do you need? Is it better to act now at the risk of not getting the right result but, at least knowing that you gave it a shot or, wait and find yourself in a position of regret and wishing you had taken the shot when you had the chance? It is always wise to remember why people voted for you and gave you your mandate.

The waiting game suits the establishment. It gives them more time to be sleekit and invent even more ways to put a stick in our spokes. The nail holding this UK government’s jacket is becoming increasingly shoogly. A handful of self serving  numpties stole our thunder and  managed to throw  Scotland up in the air. Lets make sure that Scotland lands on it’s feet not on it’s knees.

The latest ‘ Wind-rush’ revelations should fill every decent Scot with disgust at a UK Government which seems to lack even basic moral judgement. They are shaming themselves and  dragging us with them. We know what we are up against, do they? The clock is ticking.